Frequently Asked Questions

To whom the service is made for?

The service is made for companies and  business users having need to rent or put out for rent test equipment. From the pages can also be found services companies offers as well as events held in Oulu area. Anyone can see the pages, but only registered business users can book items from the

Registering to the service

Strong autentication, why is it needed?

  • Since test equipment listed in the pages can be expensive, therefore we will need to check that the person who registers to the service can be traced to a actual person. Social security number is not stored to service. Strong authentication service is provided by Signicat. More information about Signicat can be found from

Why only business users can register to the service?

  • For security purposes this service is made only to B2B users. RadioPark will check financial data of the company during registration process.

Can company have just one user/account in

  • There are no limitations on how many accounts are created from one company. As long as person registering to the system has company email address and strong authentication is made,  registration can be completed.

Do the person registering to the service need to have signing rights from the company (nimenkirjoitusoikeus)?

  • Company signing right (nimenkirjoitusoikes) is not required. If person registering to the service is uncertain of the company policy on such events, he/she should talk with the his/her manager.


How weekly rental price is calculated?

  • Cost if renting the equipment is calculated using a formula where current market value of equipment is used. RadioPark proposed monthly cost of rental to the equipment owner. If owner approves the rate, then it will be used in the tool. Equipment owner always has the final word on current market value of the equipment and on monthly rental rate.   

Discount code during registration, what is this?

  • RadioPark will plans to have possibility to provide discounts to RadioPark companies and therefore there is a discount code that will be implement to the service in the near future.


Why credit card payment is not listed as an option?

  • In the first phase payment can only be made by paying the invoice that is automatically generated by the service. In the future, credit card payment can be made as another option to pay the rent.

Invoice does not have reference number (“viitenumero”)

  • Invoice reference number needs to get copied to the message field when invoice is paid. In the future valid reference number will included in to the invoices.


How do I cancel the order?

Can equipment owner cancel the order?

  • At the moment equipment owner cannot cancel already agreed booking. But in situation where equipment owner during equipment delivery finds out that they do not trust the person picking up the equipment, they in this case can decide not to hand over the equipment to the renter. If this happens, equipment over needs to contact RadioPark store customer support team and inform why order was not handed over as agreed.

What happens to the invoice system have sent to renter in cases If order is cancelled?

  • You can delete the invoice. In case if credit invoice is required, please contact RadioPark store customer support team.

What if equipment is not what it was supposed to be?

  • Booking can be cancelled before pick-up. In case if pick-up time is passed and equipment was not found to be based on what described on the web pages, then you need to contact RadioPark store customer support team.

What if equipment breaks down during rental period

  • In case of problems with the use of the equipment or if it breaks down while used, you need to contact the device owner directly. Contact details of the owner can be found from the email received when booking was made. Please note that equipment are not insured while rented out, so if equipment is damaged, the renter is liable for the damages caused the equipment.

    Other questions

    How to get you equipment, service or event listed into

    • If you want to get your equipment, service or event listed, please check contact details from Team will help you on getting your items to the pages.

    Do I have to pay for adding equipment, service or event to the tool?

    • Equipment, service and event can be listed to the service free of charge. RadioPark will get commission only on rental actions made on platform.

    Why services cannot be booked the same way as equipment?

    • Since pricing of services are case by case dependant, we cannot provide list prices to services shown on the pages. If a quotation is required, we will ask needed information from the customer to prepare a quotation together with the company providing the service.       

    What if I have test equipment that I need to use for my own purposes every now and then, can this equipment be listed into the service?